Blue Hen Foods
non-GMO raw materials, gluten-free products, preservative free, sodium free/low sodium, zero trans-fat
Eat Local
About Us

Family owned Blue Hen Foods Llc began in 2015 with the premise of offering wholesome, natural products, focusing on a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition for you and your family. With the concern of harmful pesticides, herbicides, artificial preservatives, flavors or colors and genetically modified organisms (GMO’S); we offer alternative choices of organic, whole grains, non-GMO, low or non-sodium and sugar, zero  trans fats, and no artificial preservative products.



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Locally Grown

We are passionate about locally grown food and purchase many of our wholesome ingredients from local suppliers who maintain sustainable farming practices. This means that organic farmers think about the effects of their farming practices on the soil and the quality of the food they produce. It’s also at the peak of freshness as it has been allowed to ripen naturally for the best tasting products. Blue Hen Foods Llc delivers a promise of offering the best natural products and great tasting foods for your family sourced from local farms.


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GO Green!

Blue Hen Foods Llc believes in providing the best and natural products for you and your family! That’s why we choose farmers who are in harmony with nature, using cultivation techniques that do not rely on chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides  or artificial genetic modifications.

Supporting local farmers makes it easy on the environment too, because products travel fewer miles to it’s destination, helping limit polution, lower harmful greenhouse gases and improve air quality. Even better, purchasing locally grown foods is a socially responsible choice because it’s good for the local economy and promotes responsible long-term land development.

We at Blue Hen Foods Llc package our products with eco-friendly compostable kraft bags which are made from 100% compostable materials beneficial for the environment. They are also FDA approved to come into contact with food.



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