Blue Hen Foods
Blue Hen Foods

Best Whole Grains

Only the best grains are selected to go into our products. So, when it comes to your health, Whole Grains are where it’s at. And here’s why:

  • Many whole grains are good sources of dietary fiber, which we all need. Most refined grains contain little or no fiber.
  • Dietary fiber can help you improve blood cholesterol levels and lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, obesity and even type 2 diabetes. Fiber for the win!
  • And here’s an awesome bonus if you’re trying to lose weight: fiber can help you feel full, so you’ll be satisfied with less calories.
  • In addition to fiber, grains provide nutrients like thiamin (Vitamin B1), riboflavin (Vitamin B2), niacin (Vitamin B3), folate (Vitamin B9), iron, magnesium and selenium. These are all important for a variety of body functions like forming new cells, carrying oxygen in the blood, regulating the thyroid, and maintaining a healthy immune system. Pretty basic stuff.

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